K9 Service Animals
Setting the Standard in Service Animal Training
K9 Service Animals
ADA Compliant
Evaluation Process
Certified Evaluators
Experienced Trainers
Professional Counselors
ADA Approved
Confidential Pre-Screening
ADA Compliant Evaluations
Certified Service Animals
Certified Training Permits
Dogs certified by
comply with all
ADA standards
ADA Certified to assist their owners
because of health issues
that affect major life functions.
If your dog does not initially qualify for certification,
...we can provide a Training Permit.
Training permits qualify you for exemptions
while your dog trains to be a service animal.
K9 Service Animals
Dedicated to Helping Individuals with Disabilities
Organized and operated by ADA-certified
service animal trainers with more than 20 years of
experience training & evaluating service animals.
If you have questions about the process
of certifying your dog, please contact us and
one of our professional counselors will assist you.
Evaluators at K9 Service Animals.org have been training service animals for over 20 years.
Service animals can be certified to provide a wide range of services for their companions. Not all service animals are hearing or guide dogs. If your dog can come when signaled, then he may qualify as a service animal depending on your disabilities.
We certify all animals that meet ADA requirements and specialize in certifying retrieve, open, balance, and pack service dogs. We also certify animals that provide unique or atypical services for their disabled companions.
K9 Service Animals.org Can Help
K-9 Service Animals.org understands that many disabled individuals cannot afford professional training or have already trained their dog to assist them with their disability but still need to have their service animal certified to meet housing or public access requirements.
Simply, go to the "Apply Here" page and email us indicating your interest in our certification program, and we will begin a dialogue with you to create a path to certification for your unique situation that will meet ADA requirements.